• Dymas 32 Acquisitore Digitale 01

Dymas 32 Digital acquisition unit

Dymas 32 is the new 6 channel low power and high resolution digital acquisition system for short and long-term dynamic, seismic and microseismic monitoring of civil, industrial and monumental works, seismic and microseismic networks.

DYMAS 32 is a 6-channel acquisition system configurable for event or continuous recordings with all the necessary functionalities to manage single dynamic sensors or complex networks in seismic, micro-seismic, dynamic monitoring for permanent or temporary installations in dams, buildings or seismic stations.
The acquirer can be supplied with the accessories already pre-wired, inside a single wall or base cabinet.
Multichannel recorder
  • 6 channels
  • Standard guidelines UNI 4150-3, DIN45669-1, UNI 9916, EN61000 61326-1
  • 32 bit high resolution multichannel sampling
  • Up to 1KHz sample rate
  • Dynamic range: 141dB
  • Low power: 2,2W typ 6 channel acquisition
  • Internal memory continuous recording, possibility to set triggered event recording
  • Onboard 32 GB internal SD memory
  • Easy to use web-based graphical user interface
  • Small dimension and light weight
  • directly connection to several sensors like Seismometers, Accelerometers Force Balance, MEMS, Geophones.
Mines and quarries
Bridges and Infrastructure
Civil and residential, HVSR
Dam monitoring
Gas reservoir
Seismic and microseismic networks
  • Short and long term civil and industrial monitoring
  • PoE Power over Ethernet power supply
  • Internal GNSS receiver for time synchronization
Device management can be done by SWC, an easy-to-use web-based graphic user interface, supporting industry-standard browsers and compatible with hand held device. It permits fully device configuration and provides real-time state of health, data management and waveform viewing; basic status function indicators are provided by multicolour external led indicators.

Data processing software VIBROSOFT or SOLWEB, allows the realization of efficient dynamic monitoring networks of structures according to the reference standards, while the version in continuous recording via miniSEED protocol and SEEDlink transmission for seismic and micro-seismic monitoring networks.

Communication system via Ethernet port, the connection to the system can be made remotely via 4G modem, FIBER OPTIC, WiFi.
Technical Characteristics
Technical Characteristics
Input Channels6 sensor channel
Timing Internal 0,5ppm drift free run RTC (real time clock)
Sampling and Internal RTC synchronized via GPS/GNSS, simultaneous sampling on all channels
Triggering ModeThreshold level and/or STA/LTA, HP filter, selectable for each channel
Recording ModeContinuous recording with SeedLink Protocol. Software Selectable pre/post- length for triggered event recording.
Recording of pick values (min-Max), selectable from 10 to 100s.
Data Storage32 GB internal SD for 6 channel group (till to 128GB optional)
512 GB with SSD connected to external USB port
Diagnosticsexternal power supply voltage, temperature, sensors test
Power supply12V nominal, operating voltage: 10 to 15,5VDC
9 to 29 VDC (optional on request)
(adapter 120/240 V AC optional)
Power Consumption2,2W typ
CommunicationEthernet TCP/IP
File formatsSolgeo EVE, MiniSEED, Ascii, CSV
Support SoftwareSeiscomp3, Antelope, Earthworm and similar
32 bit module
ConverterIndividual 32-bit Oversampling ADC per each channel, with Integrated digital antialiasing filter
Input Level20Vpp, +/-10V differential Input
Resolution32 bit, 4,6nV LSB @ 20Vpp gain 1
Sampling rate10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000sps
BandwidthDC – 125Hz
Dynamic Range138dB @100sps full Scale RMS sine wave to RMS shorted input noise
141 dB @100 sps full-scale peak to RMS shorted-input noise
Programmable Gain1-2-4-8
Filter Anti AliasingDigital FIR Filter
Sensor TestBuilt-in, positive or negative edge
GNSS receiveroptional GNSS receiver with internal 32 channel GNSS receiver, SMA with external antenna connector
External GPSexternal GPS RS-422 interface for Dymas 24 system backwards compatibility
PoE power supplyPower supply from PoE injector
Caratteristiche fisiche
EnclosureAluminium cabinet
Operating Temperature -20°C, +70°C
Umidity0-100% non-condensed
Dimensions (LxWxH)187 x 180 x 55mm
Weight1,5 Kg