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SISMA Seismometer

SISMA Seismometer has high performance triaxial with high sensitivity sensors designed for the creation of seismic and microseismic networks.

The SISMA 120S is a wideband triaxial seismometer designed for installation in permanent local and national seismic networks.
Rugged design with all internal mechanical controls automated by electronics.
  • Seismic and microseismic networks
  • Oil&Gas reservoir monitoring
  • Earthquake monitoring
Gas reservoir
Seismic and microseismic networks
The SISMA 120S is compact, reliable and easy to deploy and use; does not require calibration and it is supplied with a calibration certificate with poles and zeros detail. Wide tilt tolerance allows the unit to work within minutes from deployment.
Differential output with high gain and high dynamic range allows the unit to be used with all kinds of seismic digitizers.
The homogeneous architecture of SISMA 120S assures for each UUWV element high quality thanks to the standardized production line. Advanced selection of component materials from aluminum to titanium and special alloys, allows the maximum robustness and thermal stability.
The following diagram shows the noise floor of 0.01 Hz-40Hz sensors.
Technical Characteristics
ConfigurationU, W, V (output matrix to Z, X, Y)
Principle of operationCoil-magnet force feedback with capacitive transducer
Nominal sensitivity1500 V/m/s (or other to be specified at order)
Velocity outputSelectable X, Y, Z (default) or UVW moe
Pass bandFrom 180-120 seconds to 30-100 Hz (frequency range to be specified at order)
Peak output± 20V (differential output)
Output impendance2*100 ohm
Mass position output± 10V from UVW signals
Dynamic range>148 dB
Parasitic resonanceHigher than 140 Hz
Calibration input1 with axis selection (U, W or V)
Power supply input9-36 Vdc isolated (U, W or V)
Power consumption<0.5 W typical (1W maximum) @ 12 Vdc
ProtectionReverse-voltage protected and self-resetting fuse
Calibration coil33 ohm
Mechanical eigenfreq.<1 Hz
Self noise< USGS NLNM between 0.025 Hz and 25 Hz
LevellingManual with lockable paddles, integrated level
Maximum allowed tilt± 2° from horizontal
Operating temperature-20°C to +70°C
Operation range±15° without re-centring
Storage temperature-40°C to +80°C
Humidity0-100% even condensing
Protection gradeIP68K
Mass centeringAutomatic (externally activate)
Mass lockElectric to be activated before transportation
Maximum shock allowed5G half sine
Connector26 pin MIL-C-26842 mounted on base
Standard cable lengthStandard 3 meters
Digital interfaceRS232 for diagnosis and commands
DimensionsMaximum diameter 240 mm (excluding connector) max height 275 mm
Weight15 kg
EnclosureAir tight optimized to be insensitive to atmospheric pressure fluctuations, with stainless steel and aluminium treated against corrosion and epoxy painted
Regulation complianceCE