• Sensori Per Il Monitoraggio Sismico 01

Built-in seismic monitoring sensors

Data acquisition unit and sensor in a single device.

Built-in Sensors
Built-in seismic monitoring sensors designed for short-term and long-term monitoring of seismic vibrations. It is applied for the surveys and monitoring of civil, industrial and monumental works.
The Guardian sensor characterized by a great compactness, versatility and rapid use.
The solution to all applications:
Icon Miniere e cave
Mines and quarries
Icon Ponti e infrastrutture
Bridges and Infrastructure
Icon Monumenti
Icon Civile e residenziale
Civil and residential
Icon Monitoraggio Dighe
Monitoring of dams
Icon Tunnel
Icon Gas Reservoir
Gas reservoir
Icon Reti Sismiche Microsismiche
Seismic and microseismic networks
ABX is a high-performance accelerometer that incorporates three force-balanced accelerometer sensors; it can record the high-resolution seismic signal to USB memory devices.
Bridges and Infrastructure
Dam monitoring
"Guardian" is a compact accelerograph based on MEMS technology, for dynamic vibration measurements on structures in compliance with reference standards UNI 9916, DIN 4150-3, UNI 9614.
Civil and residential, HVSR