• Set Cross Hole Sismico 01


The SET CROSS HOLE SEISMIC is our set of instruments for borehole surveys specifically designed for a thorough geophysical investigation of the subsurface and for the measurement of seismic waves of compression and shear specifically designed for the seismic survey of concrete dams, soil materials and embankments

Cross-Hole test consists in the direct measurements of horizontally travelling compression (P) and shear (Sv) seismic waves at test sites (i.e soil materials, concrete dams, embankments, etc) in order to get Elastic modules and local site characteristics.
Two specific borehole seismic sources are used to generate a seismic wave train..
One or more receivers are used to detect the arrival of the seismic wave train in offset borings; the distance between boreholes at the test depths is measured using a borehole deviation survey (Inclis DH).
Wave velocity is calculated from the measured distance and travel time for the respective wave train.
  • Seismic cross-hole (2 or 3 bore holes)
  • Seismic down-hole
  • Seismic tomography
  • Estimation of ground elastic moduli
  • Cavities / faults detection
  • Seepages detection
of soils and rock masses
    SOLGEO SPARKER TM is an automatic source used to generate P waves; it works at many different levels of power (from 100J to 500J) ensuring frequency contents from 100 Hz up to 6kHz; it must be used in boreholes filled with water.
    SOLGEO GEOSvTM is used to generate S waves. The energy source is composed of two parts: a central section that contains the pneumatic clamping tools and second part that contains the electrodynamics waves generator. The device allows it to automatically produce both upwards and downwards signals, in order to obtain an inversion of the shear waves polarization without P waves noise.
    The Solgeo vertical geophone receiver, AVG (Amplified Vertical Geophone), contains a vertical sensor with an electronics preamplifier. The clamping to the borehole casing is obtained with a pneumatic device allowing surveys in boreholes up to 200 m of depth.
GEOSv Borehole source of SHv
GEOSv is the revolutionary and unique borehole source specifically designed for crosshole seismic testing (CST). Provided with a fast-locking pneumatic system, it allows to generate polarized vertical shear waves.
This device is fully in accordance with international standard ASTM D4428.
Product plus
  • Light, strong and easy-to-use
  • Upward & downward vertical shear waves
  • No need to orientate
  • Pneumatic locking system
  • Cross-hole: shear waves vertical polarized
Technical Characteristics
Diameter65 mm
Length650 mm
Waterproofing200 m
Max air pressure25 bar
Air pipe connection6 mm
Max piston range21 mm
ConnectorHigh voltage 7 pins
Clamping pistons2
Power supplyMax 3000 V 300 J
Frequency bandwidth100-600 Hz
SHOCK Borehole source of SH
The borehole source SHock is utilized to generate pressure (P-) and shear waves of horizontal polarization (SH-waves) in wells while performing the operations through crosshole seismic testing (CST) and reverse vertical seismic profiling (RVSP) methods.
The power supply Jack is used as the source of energy. The source generates a transverse wave through an asymmetric blow delivered into the wall of the well. A rigid pneumo-electric line makes it easy to rotate the source in the borehole, providing generation of “right” and “left” blows. The SHock source allows excitation of seismic signals in both water-filled and dry wells, which is not feasible for borehole sparkers. SHock is supplied on a reel equipped with a high-voltage slip ring. Thus, one does not need to disconnect the power supply during operations of winding / unwinding the cable.
  • Cross-hole: shear waves horizontal polarized
Technical Characteristics
Operating voltageUp to 6000 V
Operating energyUp to 1500 J
Well diameters70 - 140 mm
Diameter65 mm
Length970 mm
Dimensions on a reel570 x 550 x 650 mm
Weight with a reel and a 130 m pneumo-electric line93 Kg
Borehole Sparker
in mono&multi electrode version
Power supply Jack generates a short high-voltage electric pulse of considerable energy that ensures the formation of ionized high-pressure gas-vapor cavities on the electrode group of the Pulse sparker, placed in a container with salt water.
The set includes
  • Pulse source
  • Power cable
  • Reel with high-voltage slip ring
  • Wire to connect a reel and a power supply
Products plus
  • Operating energies up to 2500 J
  • Easily replaceable electrode group
  • Can be used in wells with diameter from 40
  • Reel with high-voltage slip ring
  • Cross-hole: compressional P waves
With explosive expansion of the gas-vapor cavity, the pressure in it rapidly decreases, which leads to a precipitate drop in the temperature, vapor condensation and subsequent collapse of the cavity, which does not lead to parasitic pulsations.

The design of the source provides easy replacement of wear electrode groups, which also allows control of the signature of the source by installing a group with a different number of electrodes. The standard diameters of the containers are 36 / 60 / 80 mm, thus allowing operations in wells with diameters starting from 40 mm. It is important to understand that in order to provide a stable pulse of high energy and a significant operational life of the radiating group, a sufficient volume of the container and the amount of electrodes greater than 25 are necessary. The operating life of the radiator is 5000÷50000 excitations and depends on the number of electrodes and the energy supplied to them. Pulse sources are shipped on geophysical reels equipped with high-voltage slip rings. This means there is no need to disconnect the source from a power supply during cable winding/unwinding operations.
Technical Characteristics
Operating voltageUp to 6000 vUp to 3000 v
Operating energyUp to 1500 J (optionally: up to 500 J, up to 2500 J)Up to 300 J
Well diametersFrom 70 mm (optionally: from 40 mm)From 60 mm
Diameter60 mm (optionally: 36 mm, 80 mm)50 mm
Length500 mm750 mm
Dimensions on a reel800 x 700 x 400 mm600 x 500 x 460 mm
Weight with a reel and a 100 m cableAppr. 75 KgAppr. 53 Kg
Jack Pulsed power supply
Power supplies Jack ensure the operation of sparker and electrodynamic sources used in geophysical surveys in boreholes by methods of cross-hole seismic testing (CST), vertical seismic profiling (VSP), vertical seismic acoustic profiling (VSaP) and others. The Jack design uses a reliable thyristor key, which allows for a very short high-voltage electrical pulse.
The power supply is operated from a system with 110 / 220 V voltage. In Jack-500 and Jack-1200 models, pulse chargers provide an average charge rate of 500 J/s. The Jack-2500 HP version is equipped with a fast charger that is capable of regulating the charging speed (500 / 1000 / 1500 J/s). Thus, all Jack power supplies allow operation with compact portable generators (with power of 0,8 kW and more).
Product plus
  • High charging rate
  • Can control power consumption
  • Have remote control unit
  • Compact device
  • Seismic cross-hole
  • Marine seismic
  • Dam tomography
Jack power supplies allow one to work with three triggering modes:
  • triggering from an external device (seismic station, synchronization system, etc.)
  • a series with a given number of pulses and a period of their repetition
  • infinite series of pulses with a given period.
Power supplies Jack can be equipped with a portable remote-control unit JackPad.
Compact dimensions, impact-resistant leakproof casing, light weight, well-conceived and intuitive user interface, remote control unit, allow to consider Jack power supplies as the most modern and truly mobile devices among all the analogues available on the market.