• Servizio Di Tomografia Sonica E Ultrasonica 01

Sonic and ultrasonic tomography service

Sonic and ultrasonic tomography service for concrete and masonry structures: we perform sonic and ultrasonic surveys for masonry diagnosis and evaluation of the internal structure of the building.

Sonic and ultrasonic tomography
for investigations on concrete and masonry structures
The tomographic investigation technique is based on the generation of sonic or ultrasonic pulses at different points of the structure, through the percussion with special tools (ALLinONE hammer, Sparker) or with electrodynamic transducers (ALLinONE transducer). .
The data processing instead, consists in the estimation of the time and the relative calculation of the speed of crossing of the pulse in the investigated object.
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The sonic/ultrasonic investigations
The sonic/ultrasonic investigations are used in the diagnosis of masonry to qualify the internal structure, identifying the presence of voids, defects or lesions. In the presence of these anomalies or other types of discontinuity, the velocities are slowed down.
Sonic investigations are also used to check the characteristics of the masonry after consolidation interventions (injections of mortars and resins), verifying changes in the physical characteristics of the material.
  • Identification of anomalies not visible to the naked-eye
  • Applicability to large portions of masonry;
  • Reliability in relation to the period of use.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the methodology
  • Non-invasive