• Sismometro Veloget 3d 01

Veloget 3D Seismometer

Veloget 3D Seismometer with high sensitivity sensors designed for HVSR and seismic and civil monitoring.

Class I triaxial seismometer, compliant with DIN 4150- 3, DIN 45669-1, UNI 9916 and UNI 9614.
It is supplied in a metal container IP66, with adjustable feet and control bubble. It can optionally request IP69 for installations in presence of water.
Available in triaxial, biaxial and uniaxial configuration for vertical or horizontal applications, with military connector or cable gland for fixed installations. It consists of an electronically linearized geophonic triad, with dynamics greater than 130dB.
A special system on the bottom plate allows fixing to the floor/wall with a single plug and the three adjustment screws ensure leveling. The internal electronics provides for the management of functional tests, programmable by the user.
  • HVSR measurement
  • Civil monitoring
  • Seismic networks
Mines and quarries
Civil and residential
of dams
Seismic and
microseismic networks
Technical Characteristics
ModelSolgeo VELOGET 3D (2D, 1D optional)
PrincipleElectronically equalized geophone
Number of axis3, orthogonally oriented
SensorGeophone GS-11D or equivalent
Case to coil motion2,5 mm (p-p)
Frequency rangeSelectable, 1-80 Hz or 1-315 Hz
Dynamic range> 130 dB
Measure range± 125 mm/s or ± 12,5 mm/s @16Hz see nomogram measuring range
SensitivitySelectable, 40 V/m/s or 400 V/m/s
Spectral noise3.5 nm/s (rms, 16 Hz – 200 Hz), 55 nm/s (rms 1Hz – 315Hz)
Linearity± 0.4 dB (class 1 – DIN 45699-1)
PhaseAccording to class 1 – DIN 45699-1
Self-testActive self-test, impulse 10 mm/s
Supply voltage10 to 18 Vcc
Output impedance< 50 ohm
Power consumption240 mW
Temperature rangeda -20° a +60° C
Output voltageDifferential, ± 5V
ProtectionIP 66
Dimension150 mm (L), 100 mm (H), 75 mm (La)
Wright1,6 Kg
ConnectionMetallic connector or integrated cable
AccessoriesPlatform with levelling screws, single bolt fixing
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