• Acquisitore Sismico Dymas 24 Alben 01

Digital acquisition Dymas 24 Alben

Digital acquisition Dymas 24 Alben multi-channel (up to 36 channels, optional up to 60 channels) designed specifically for fixed installations for long-term monitoring of seismic events on civil, industrial and monumental works.

The DYMAS24-ALBEN is a multi-channel acquisition system suitable for long-term monitoring of dams and structures in general where it is required the installation of many dynamic sensors, accelerometer or velocimeters.
Multichannel recorder
  • Up to 30 channels
  • Standard guidelines UNI 4150-3, DIN45669-1, UNI 9916, EN61000 61326-1
  • 24 bit multichannel sampling
  • 10Hz - 8Khz sample rate
  • Bandwidth DC - 3,2 kHz
  • Continuos, scheduled and/or triggered recording
  • Built-in calibration function
  • 32 GB internal SD memory
  • Seismometers and/or accelerometers connection
  • civil and industrial long-term monitoring
Mines and quarries
Bridges and Infrastructure
Civil and residential, HVSR
Dam monitoring
This digital acquirer allows to acquire up to 30 channels (in the standard version, up to 60 channels optional) in multiples of 6, placed in a single cabinet with wall or floor fixing.

The communication system runs via LAN; the remote connection to the system can be made via 3G modem, 4G, FIBER OPTIC, WiFi.
The software DYMASOFT, integrated with the data processing software VIBROSOFT or SOLWEB, allows to realize efficient dynamic monitoring networks.
Technical Characteristics
Input channelsUp to 30 channels
ConfigurationStandalone or multi-station network
TimingInternal rtc update via gps or remote-control, Simultaneous sampling
Triggering modeThreshold level and/or sta/lta, selectable for each channel
Recording modeInternal/external trigger, continuous, scheduled.
Selectable pre/post-trigger length.
Recording of pick values (min-max), according to din 4150 part ii, internal selectable from 10 to 100s.
Data storage32 gb internal memory, optional external usb flash disk on request
DiagnosticsTemperature, sensors test
Power consumption5w for basic 6 channels, plus 2w for each other 6 channels group
CommunicationEthernet tcp/ip via cable, or optionally by umts or wifi modem.
24 bit module
Converter Individual 24-bit sigma/delta for each channel, with dsp each 6 Channels, integrated digital antialiasing filter.
Channels Up to 30 ch.
Input level+/- 10v differential input; +/- 2,6v optional
Sensors calibrationBuilt-in, positive or negative edge
SamplingSelectable from 10hz to 8khz
BandwidthDc – 3,200 hz
Dynamic range> 130 dB@100Hz
Programmable gain 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128
Filter anti aliasingDigital filter fir. Frequency attenuation by nyquist (½ sample rate) >-130db, cut frequency 0,4 of sample rate
External interfaces
GPSExternal gps for time synchronization, rs-422 interface
Power10 vdc to 18 vdc (automatic turn off ‹10,8 v, turn on ›12,0v with battery safe function enabled). 120/240 vac adapter can be provided as optional.
Standard sensorsSeismometers, force balance and mems accelerometers, geophones, other output voltage sensors
Other sensors 4-20ma output and iepe sensors (require optional modules
Cmmunication interfacesUsb 2.0 / ethernet port (umts or wifi optional)
Other interfacesDigital inputs/outputs
Physical characteristics
CabinetMetallic cabinet (protection ip65 grade or higher with additional cabinet)
Working temperature-20°C, +70°C
Dimensions (lxwxh)280x200x130mm up to 18ch - 280x200x160 mm
Weight2,6 Kg
Umidity0-100% non-condensed