• Accelerometro Abx 01

ABX Accelerometer

ABX Accelerometer compact and reliable ideal for the study of seismic events and structural monitoring of large works through arrays of sensors.

ABX is a high-performance accelerometer that incorporates three force-balanced accelerometer sensors; it can record the high-resolution seismic signal to USB memory devices. It offers several interconnection services as well as the necessary seismic communication protocols such as SeedLink for real-time data transmission to popular data acquisition software.
A compact and reliable accelerometer. The robust casing milled from a single block of aluminum can withstand high loads.

Minimal power consumption means the ABX can be used in remote locations with minimal solar panel power.

ABX is synchronized via GPS with UTC time. Furthermore, an NTP (Network Time Protocol) client is provided to ensure synchronization if GPS signal is not available.
  • Long-term monitoring on large structures, dams, monuments
  • Monitoring requiring higher sensitivity
Bridges and Infrastructure
Dam monitoring
The internal battery for proper shutdown even in case of sudden power failure. The three channels with samples that can vary between 1 to 1500 samples per second, allow a variety of applications. The high dynamic range allows ABX to be used also as a seismometer. The SeedLink server can operate in ultra-fast mode for EEW applications with a programmable latency of up to 0.1 seconds!

ABX is excellent for temporary open field networks, local area networks, structural monitoring, dam monitoring, sensor arrays, aftershocks studies.

With a set of sophisticated triggering algorithms, it can also work in network with other units in order to avoid false detections and at the same time not to miss any transient.

From the control panel via WEB browser it is possible to control the device in an easy and fast way.

Customizations are possible both to the hardware and to the management software.
Technical Characteristics
Power supply10-36Vdc; consumption: 3,2W @ 13,8V with GPS, ethernet and data writing active
Number of channels3 channels at 24 bit (ΣΔ) 144dB with anti-aliasing
Sensitivity238 ng/count with +/-2g full scale sensor
Sampling1,10,20,50,50,100,200,200,250,300,300,400,480,500, 600,800,1000,1500 Hz
Real Time ClockSynchronized by GPS +/- 10ppm -20/+70°C (+/- 40ms with respect to UTC)
GPS Antennaexternal with 10mt cable and BNC connector
GPS functionsaccuracy < 1ms, coordinates reading, altitude, status
Mass storageUSB pen-drives, with EXT2 file system up to 8 Terabytes
Data formatGSEcm6, GSEint, SAC, SAF, miniSEED, SEG2
Data interfacesEthernet 10-100 and RS232
Loggingcontinuous, triggered (STA/LTA, amplitude, Ip voting) and scheduled
Housingaluminum, IP68, treated against corrosion and powder coated Ral3000
Dimensions205x170x107mm, weight about 5kg
Operating Temp. Operating-20/+70°C
Anchoringwith central fixed point and three adjustable feet
Control panel16x2 LCD display and three keys to monitor status and setup
SoftwareSeedLink, ModBus, FTP, SSH, Seisan, Earthworm, SeiscomP
AccelerometersTriaxial Pure Force Balance with fixed gain (+/- 2g standard) or programmable by +/- 4, 2, 1, or 0.5g, with orthogonal sensors (Z,Y,X) no need of masses blocking
Dynamic rangesensor cell >165dB, system >140dB
BandwidthDC-100 (standard), DC-200 (optional)
Cross axis sensit.<= 0,1%
Linearity<= 0,02% of full scale
Instrumental noise< 20 ng/√Hz
Functional checktest pulse applied in the feedback circuit
Offset compensationby software via various options from web control panel