• Accelerometro Sismico Ams Mems 01

AMS MEMS seismic accelerometer

AMS MEMS seismic accelerometer with high sensitivity (>110dB) suitable for any environmental condition and designed for the measurement and study of low intensity accelerations in the range 0-400Hz.

The AMS models are high-sensitivity sensors, designed for seismic purposes and for low-intensity accelerometer measurements on civil and industrial buildings and structures.
Main features
  • Single, biaxial or triaxial accelerometer settings within the same case
  • 3 different types of fixing.
  • 2 different output cable types: connector or gland cable.
  • IP66 with connector or IP68 with gland cable output.
  • Dynamic monitoring on dams, monumental buildings, high mass structures
  • Seismic and microseismic monitoring for the control of the local seismicity at low magnitude
Bridges and infrastructures
The Force Balance Accelerometer (AFB) is a high-sensitivity, ultra-low noise (>165 dB), 0-200Hz accelerometer designed for use in microseismic and seismic networks, monumental buildings, and high-mass civil and industrial structures.

These sensors use low-noise electronics in combination with the force-balancing principle to make possible measurements in the low-frequency microG range.
Technical characteristics
Electronic characteristics
Full scale acceleration (input range)± 2g o ± 5 g
Output voltage± 4 Volt
Sensitivity2000 mV/g - 800 mV/g (5g type)
Frequency response0 - 400 Hz (nominal, -3dB)
Operating voltageda +6 a +18 Vdc, 8 mA (for single axis)
Output impedance90 Ohm
Dynamic range>100 dB
Sensitive axis alignment-250 to 250 ppm/C° max (-55 to 125°C). Compensated by internal temperature sensor
Test sensorExternal test input, gravity force non balanced
Cross axis sensitivity<2% - Excluding of Sensitive Axis Alignment
Output noise<70 µV RMS from 0 to 50 Hz
Environmental characteristics
Temperature, operating-40 to +90 Deg C
Temperature, storage-50 to + 90 Deg C
Shock survival2000 g, 0,1 msec
Ambient pressure0 to 5 bar
Physical characteristics
Size60 mm l x 60 mm l x 50 mm a
Case materialAnodized Aluminium
Electrical interface10 terminal pins / cable
Exit cableIP66 with connector or IP68 with cable gland
FasteningThree different fixing methods
CaseSingle, biaxial or triaxial accelerometer settings within the same case