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Implementation of seismic and microseismic networks

We deal with the construction of seismic and microseismic networks with decades of experience in supporting customers in all activities related to geophysical services and monitoring, in addition to the design and implementation we also take care of maintenance.

Seismic and
microseismic networks
The Seismic Monitoring Network is the infrastructure that controls natural seismicity or microseismicity induced by human activities, such as the injection or extraction of hydrocarbons and fluids underground. It consists of stations equipped with seismic sensors (seismometers and/or accelerometers) located in the territory.
The characteristics of the sensors must be suitable for local and regional seismicity detection, both in terms of frequency bands and dynamics of the acquired signals. The "stations", temporally synchronized by GPS antennas, are managed in real time by acquisition centers that exploit the digital transmission of data through dedicated modem lines and satellite technologies. Seismic and microseismic networks allow seismologists to determine the hypocentral parameters of earthquakes with remarkably low magnitude; it is estimated that a Network is able to record earthquakes with magnitudes even below M=1.0.
Solgeo has completed several projects in Italy and abroad for the supply, installation, management and maintenance of seismic and microseismic monitoring networks.
The collaboration with ENI began in 2006 with the first contract for the maintenance of microseismic networks in Italy. Since then, we have become a reference for ENI for the supply, installation and maintenance of all microseismic networks. The continuous development of the internal sector dedicated to microseismicity, has led Solgeo to propose advanced solutions both for the hardware, sensors and digital acquisition, and also through the development and use of specialized software for localization, analysis and detection of micro events, thanks to the professional contribution of the innovative start-up SEISMIX.

ACurrently Solgeo provides support to ENI in the implementation and maintenance of its networks currently consisting of 26 stations distributed between northern Italy, Val d'Agri and Crotone.

Experiments are in progress to support ENI in the design of networks for the monitoring of off-shore areas.
We have been dealing since 2013 with the supply, installation and maintenance of microseismic networks for STOGIT gas storage facilities in Italy, with 46 stations that will soon be further increased.

Since 2018 Solgeo is a technological partner of SNAM and provides its services and equipment for microseismic monitoring activities abroad.
Edison stoccaggio
As of 2016, the microseismic and geodetic networks of EDISON STOCCAGGIO's plants in S. Potito and Cotignola and Cellino Attanasio are provided, installed, maintained and operated by Solgeo.

In compliance with the “Guidelines of the Ministry of Economic Development on induced seismicity” SSolgeo is also responsible for data management, analysis and recognition of events in the areas of domain of the concessions and reports the events occurred to be then sent to the Ministry.

Solgeo also collaborates with Edison Stoccaggio for the development of R&D projects of advanced solutions for data analysis and localization of events at very low magnitude of the networks, making available the expertise of SEISMIX.
Total E&P Italia
Since 2018 we have realized for TOTAL the supply, installation and management of the microseismic network at the mining concession "Gorgoglione" in the Basilicata region.

Solgeo also collaborates with TOTAL for the development of R&D projects of advanced solutions for data analysis and localization of events at very low magnitude of the networks, providing the expertise of SEISMIX
Gas Plus
Design of microseismic monitoring networks in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry's Environmental Impact Assessment and Guidelines, at the Longanesi concession (Ravenna, IT) and the Santa Maria Nuova hydrocarbon production concession (Ancona, IT).