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Geophysics and dynamic monitoring services

Discover all our services of geophysics and dynamic monitoring civil, industrial, historical structures, bridges, viaducts and platforms.

Solgeo offers monitoring services and geophysical surveys of soil and structures.
Specialist services that provide a variety of solutions to every problem. The quality of our projects is the result of the experience, innovation and high professionalism of our operators.
Solgeo combines the years of experience and multidisciplinary skills of highly qualified people.
Solgeo combines the years of experience and multidisciplinary skills of highly qualified people. Our staff is composed of technicians and engineers that provide their skills to design at the best even the most complex project and support the client in the wide choice of the equipment offered.

Solgeo develops, manufactures and supplies dynamic monitoring equipment and instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT) of civil and industrial structures.

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Solgeo was founded in 2001 as a geophysics company, our experience in this field has led us to develop specific instruments for geophysical surveys.
The services offered by Solgeo cover the whole range of non-destructive prospecting, which consists of measuring the physical properties of the ground (velocity, resistivity) using its own instruments. These properties are directly related to the structure and characteristics of a soil or rock mass (stratigraphy, fractures, cavities) but can also reveal the presence of buried objects (search for underground utilities, archaeological purposes) or allow the identification of anomalies, slag, presence of water and its infiltration.

Solgeo applies non-destructive techniques (NDT) also for the characterisation of artefacts in both civil and monumental contexts.
of application
  • Civil (bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, buildings)
  • Monumental
  • Foundation works
  • Materials characterization
  • Characterization of soils and rock masses
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Solgeo is a leader in the monitoring sector thanks to a wide range of accelerometers and velocimeters of its production able to satisfy every request.
The dynamic monitoring is suitable for verifying the health status of large structures.
It is also increasingly required to measure the vibrations induced by the workings according to UNI9916 and for the disturbance to the person by UNI9614.

Solgeo offers specific data processing for every need through Early Warning System and Dynamic Shipping Analysis but also more complex processing such as modal analysis of large infrastructures.

This is thanks to our team of seismologists and engineers able to develop proprietary software in parallel with the experience gained in the field day after day.
  • Civil buildings
  • Historical buildings
  • Platforms
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Dams
  • Pipeline and vpms solares
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