• Strumento Per Indagini Geofisiche All In One 01

Non-destructive testing instrument All-in One

Non-destructive testing instrument All-in One: a single acquisition unit that allows, through the purchase of several specific "Kit", to perform sonic and ultrasonic tests for the characterization in situ and in the laboratory of materials such as concrete, masonry and stone materials, "cross hole" and "PIT" (Pile Integrity Test) in piles and diaphragm foundations.

All-in One system is a rugged and reliable equipment with various dedicated piezoelectric sensors and probes.
All-in One is characterized by an A/D board multichannel and selectable sampling rates from 10KHz to 6.25MHz (up to 12.5MHz single channel).
All acquired signals are displayed, computed and memorized directly on tablet pre-installed software. Connection between All-in One system and tablet via Wifi.
Product plus
  • 3 probes system
  • Drastic reduction of acquisition time survey
  • Smart probes including signal generation and active pre-amplification
  • DDistance between pipes up to 3m
  • Acquisition unit with high dynamic range and low electronic noise
  • Ultrasonic contact probes (55- 20KHZ) triggered hammer, dedicated software
  • Rugged and reliable equipment
  • Pulse echo & low strain method, elaboration software included
  • Fully respects main international standard guidelines
Civil (bridges, viaducts, dams, tunnels, buildings)
of soils and rock masses
  • Verification of concrete elements on-site
  • Analysis of diaphragms and foundation piles
  • Seismic cross-hole test
Kit contact
  • In respect of the Standard: UNI EN 12504-4, ASTM D2845-08 and ASTM C597-02.
  • FSonic and ultrasonic measurements frequency 55 kHz or 2O kHz highly sensitive active piezoelectric receivers
  • Even for wood samples.
  • Integrated with a HAMMER-Transducer.
KIT PIT Pile integrity testing
  • According to Norm: ASTM D5882-O7.
  • PIT-Hammer and Accelerometer.
  • BLow Strain Integrity and Echo methods.
  • Solgeo software “PPS” included.
KIT MCHA Ultrasonic Cross-Hole Testing
  • According to the standard guideline: ASTM D676O-16.
  • Simultaneously cross-hole measurements along three paths in the pile foundation.
  • Synchronization impulse using an encoder
  • The results can promptly be printed
  • High power transmitter and high sensitive active-type piezoelectric receivers (Selectable: 80KHz, 50 KHz).
Technical Characteristics
Channel 2 input / 1 transmitter
Converter type 2 channels 12bit A/D converter
Input type Differential / Single ended / IEPE
Input range +/- 5 Vpp
Amplification range 1 to 40000 software selectable
Pretriggerselectable, 0 - 2000 samples 1CH; 0 - 1000 samples 2CH.
Sample rate 10KHz a 12,5 MHz (12,5MHz/1Ch - 6,25MHz/2Ch)
Sample per event up to 8K samples for each channel
Travel time resolution 80 ns
Sample resolution 12 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ›16bit@ 50KHz ( with oversampling)
Bandwidth> 1 MHz typ @ gain 10
Filter antialias, digital filter selectable (DSP)
Triggerhardware, software, threshold (selectable)
Transmitter drive voltage100V to 1200V
Pulse duration Selectable1 to 65000 µs
Transmitter pulse repetition > 20 meas/s
I/OWiFi 802.11 (100m)
TransducersPiezoelectric-Type: See table TRANSDUCERS
Power supplyInternal battery LiFePO4 (4,5Ah)
RechargingExternal recharging - recharging time 4h
Consuming 1,8W Stand-by/ 2.8W Ultrasonic active
Autonomy › 35 hour standBy/ 20 hour working
Case IP 65
Working temperature 0-60°C
Size and weight (LxPxH)320 x 212 x 96mm, peso 2,5 kg
Hole-Probetransmitter / receiver.
Diameter 26mm;
Length 150 mm
Receiver Sensor (wall-type): 55 KHz
Transmitter Sensor (wall-type): 55 KHz
Transmitter Sensor (wall-Type): 20 KHz
Hammer with accelerometer: bandwidth 1/10 KHz, sensitivity 1mV/g
Accelerometer:bandwidth 1/10 KHz, sensitivity 100mV/g