• Monitoraggio Microsismico Miniere 01

Microseismic mine monitoring

Microseismic monitoring of mines and underground works through the creation of microseismic networks equipped with sensors, a specific activity for mines and quarries to allow work to be carried out in complete safety.

Mines and underground works
Microseismic monitoring extends to a variety of applications in underground works, including mines and quarries for the extraction of rocks and minerals or solid coal fuels.
This monitoring can be carried out through the installation of a series of fixed stations equipped with three-component sensors appropriately located on the territory, on the surface and in the well.

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Seismic data logger
very low noise 24 and 32 bit digital data acquisition, 6 channels, for recording of event or continuous signals with miniSEED format.
short-/long-term seismometer and/or force-balanced accelerometer
Power supply
12V power supply with solar panels and buffer battery and/or mains power supply
GPS receiver for time synchronization of signals
Data transmission
continuous signal transmission with SeedLink protocol
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