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DEVIATION probe INCLIS-30 for geophysical investigations with this instrument it is possible to make an accurate 3D survey of the borehole deviation.

Deviation Probe
The new probe Inclis DH-30, designed and manufactured by Solgeo, allows to realize a 3D inclinometer survey of holes (e.g. perforations) having any direction and inclination in space.
The probe contains a magnetometric triad and an accelerometric triad; in situations where the metallic coatings of the perforation can disturb the magnetometric sensors, the probe is equipped with a support and pointing system by means of guide rods.
Product plus
  • allows to perform a 3D borehole deviation survey
  • 3 magnetometric and 3 accelerometric sensors
  • 360° orientation range
  • Seismic soil characterization
  • Verification treatment jet-grouting
  • Identification of cavities
  • Calculation of elastic modules
of soils and rock masses
INCLIS-DH could be provided with a battery powered wifi connected cable drum and an 8” tablet with dedicated Solclino app allowing an immediate return of the results and graphs with the planialtimetrico trends of the hole.
INCLIS-DH can also be provided with a standard cable drum and USB connection box that provides both power and real-time data transfer to a person- al computer.
Technical Characteristics
Probe characteristics
Dimensions2000 mm length x 30 mm diameter
Weight4,1kg, 20 kg (with suitcase)
Operating temperature range-25 / +85° C
ConnectorSouriau 200 bar ip69
Enclosure materialStainless steel
Digital outputRs422 (usb adapter provided)
Orientation range0÷180° inclination
0°-360° azimuth
Accuracy+/- 0,2° roll and inclinatio; +/- 0,5° Azimut
Digital output rate/logging rate Fino a 5 Hz
Output modelsAcceleration and magnetic field vectors; orientation angles; temperature
Usb version
CommunicationProvided usb to rs422 adapter
Application softwareRunning on pc with win10 os
Drum characteristics
Cable length60 m (other length on request)
Operating temperature range-20 / 60° C
Da 0 a 45°C during charge
CommunicationIntegrated wifi hotspot
Led indicatorsBattery level, charge
Battery3,7V Li-ion, 3600mAh.
AutonomyUp to 10 hours
Charging time4 hours
Tablet characteristics
Display sizeAndroid, 8” display size.