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Services of geophysical surveys

Solgeo Srl besides the production of instruments for seismic and geophysical surveys offers its customers a range of services for geophysical surveys such as cross-hole tests, down-hole, inclinometer measurements, sonic tomography, electrical surveys and much more. Discover all our services!

Geophysical surveys
Solgeo offers monitoring services and geophysical surveys of soil and structures.
The geophysical investigations offered by Solgeo include a set of non-destructive techniques that consists in measuring through specific equipment of own production the characteristics of the subsoil of different physical properties of the soil (velocity, resistivity) that can determine the structure and characteristics (stratigraphy, fractures, cavities) as well as the presence of buried objects.
Solgeo offers investigation techniques and instrumentation of type:
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Ultrasonic survey
Solgeo has performed on behalf of the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture for Sardinia (MiC), the ultrasonic survey for the characterization of the portico lapidary columns of the former Convent of San Francesco located in Oristano, Sardinia (IT).
Inclinometric, cross-hole, tomography and sonic tomography surveys
Tomographic surveys in terms of velocity and energy decay at the Ambiesta dam, Verzegnis (Udine, IT) on behalf of the customer CESI spa.