• Servizio Indagini Elettriche 2d E 3d 01

2D and 3D electrical survey service

We offer among our geophysical services the 2D and 3D electrical survey service with electrical tomographic methodology for an in-depth analysis of the ground.

2d-3d electrical surveys
The measured parameter (electrical resistivity) allows to reconstruct the different electrical behavior of the materials involved or the soil under investigation according to sections (ERT 2D) or volumes (ERT 3D).
The electrical tomography methodology is therefore able to discriminate any variations within the soil or artifacts, such as the presence of voids, conductive or resistive bodies buried or otherwise different materials from the soil that houses them, such as the presence of buried metal objects.
  • Estimation of fluids in the soil
  • Presence of organic substances (hydrocarbons, solvents, waste etc.)
  • Archaeology
  • Presence of cavities in the ground
  • Presence of particular minerals and metals