• Applicativo Soh Reti Sismiche 01

SOH application seismic networks

SOH seismic networks application for real-time control of stations for long-term seismic and microseismic monitoring.

Soh application
The SOH application has multiple uses in the dynamic, seismic and microseismic monitoring services offered by Solgeo. SOH(State of Health) is the application for real-time monitoring of the health status of stations, with the creation of time series.
Access is allowed from any device via a browser.
The user will have an interactive map showing by default all the stations in the three colours corresponding to the health status of the seismic and microseismic networks (red, yellow, green). The map can be maximised in full screen and displayed with a satellite view, within the possibility of accessing the individual station page.
The application has several sections that provide a general overview of the network. In fact, the user will have at his disposal the pages relating to networks, stations, maintenance, users, alarm archive, active alarms, calendar with ticket reporting.