• Accelerometro Force Balance Afb 01

Force Balance Accelerometer AFB

Accelerometer Force Balance AFB is a high sensitivity sensor for long-term monitoring of dams and buildings, ideal for studying seismic events at low frequencies of motion.

Solgeo Models AFB Force Balance Accelerometers are high sensitivity, low noise sensors designed for use in seismic and low level, low frequency motion studies.
The accelerometers are self-contained and provide a high level, low impedance output.
No signal conditioning is required in most applications.
These sensors utilize low noise electronics in conjunction with the force balance principle to make possible measurements in the low frequency micro-G range. Aside from the traditional DC-coupled zero output, the AFB-3C& 2C & 1C also provides AC coupled zero output which eliminates tilt induced or offset errors facilitating high amplification of the basic output.
  • Long-term monitoring on dams, buildings and heritage structures
  • Monitoring that requires higher sensitivity
Mines and quarries
Dam monitoring
and microseismic networks
Technical Characteristics
Electronic features 1,2 or 3 axis
Ranges available ±0,25 g, ±0,5 g, ±1 g, ±1 g, ±2 g, ±4 g
Output voltage±10 volts differential
BandwidthStandard 0-200 hz
Input test1/8 fs
Nominal sensitivity2,5 v/g
Orthogonality error<0.1%
Dynamic range>165db (da 0,1hz a 20hz con impostazione ±1g
Offset drift0.000001 g/°
Cross axis sensitivity<0.3%
Non-linearity<0,1% f.r.
Supply voltage10-15v dc (80ma for 3 axis unit)
Environmental characteristics
Temperature, operating-20 to +55 deg c
Temperature, storage-40 to +90 deg c
Humidity100% u.r.
Physical characteristics
Weight3 kg
Size14cm l x 15.5cm w x 8.5cm h (without connectors)
Case materialAluminium
ProtectionIp66 (ip67, ip68 optionally)