Solgeo celebrates its 20th anniversary!

We are proud to celebrate Solgeo's growth over these years.
There would be many thanks to be given, but we agree that this milestone is dedicated to the effort of the entire Solgeo Team, especially for the passion they have shown for new challenges, which bring us here today.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years, and those who will come along the way.

Solgeo is participating in the conference JpGUAGU2020 (July 12th-16th) offered by Japan Geoscience Union and American Geophysical Union, this year held in virtual meeting version.

Solgeo has published an iPost in collaboration with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), ETH Zurich and Total E&P Italy.

In the South Italy (Basilicata region), the Joint Venture Total E&P Italia (operator), SHELL ITALIA E&P S.P.A, and Mitsui E&P Italia A S.r.l., holding the Gorgoglione Concession for hydrocarbon production, is monitoring the induced microseismicity with a local seismic network, installed and managed by Solgeo on behalf of Total E&P Italia.

Read the full article here:

Solgeo is now working on a sonic tomography dam (Italy). Our technicians are performing P-wave sonic tomography to characterize the concrete of the dam by measuring velocity and amplitude attenuation.

solgeo is proud to announce that among the winners of the 2020 edition of the European Heritage Awards / Premio Europa Nostra is the restoration project of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L’Aquila, in the Conservation category, of which an integral part is the monitoring system.

This is the most prestigious award in the field of conservation of cultural heritage at European Level and has been awarded to 21 projects received from 15 countries.

e-vpms: spill detection system.

Discover the innovative solution for pipe monitoring developed by Solgeo & Solares for Eni

Solgeo has recently completed the construction of the FIRST EXPERIMENTAL "EARLY WARNING SEISMIC MONITORING NETWORK" IN ITALY on the RFI Rome-Naples high-speed railway line.

The network consists of 20 seismic stations distributed along a 200 km track.

Its purpose is to prevent possible accidents caused by earthquakes.

The design of the network was carried out by the RFI Technical Department and the Physics Department of the University of Naples "Federico II" which also developed specific software for management and data analysis among the most advanced in the world. For more info see:

The construction of the seismic network was instead entrusted to Solgeo and involved the execution of civil works, the supply of sensors (acquirers, surface and well force-balance accelerometers), installation and related testing.

Another important success resulting from the great experience and professionalism of Solgeo technicians and engineers.

SolAres participates in the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) Berlin, 2020 (30 Mar. - 2 Apr.), once again as Silver Sponsor of the conference.

This year, the conference and exhibition has been transformed into an online version due to the major cause emergency.
We are therefore grateful for this opportunity and excited to get the best of it!

For more details, please follow SolAres on Linkedin

Here we are, once again, from Poland, as always cold, covered by sand but satisfied for the excellent job done! Also this time all cross hole and down hole tests have been completed and the data collected will enrich the huge database we have built over all these years. Who knows if a new publication does not come out! The next appointment will be in April 2020 for the final investigation phase.

Our Business Developer and Sales Manager Stefano Priano is committing a series of meetings with our partners Orangelamp Co.,Ltd in China (Beijing).

The days were full of activities: first round of presentations to the Sales team, then two days of full immersion with dozens of customers showing our brand new All-in-one, finally visit a governative Company in Tienjin. 

 It is always a pleasure to meet and updates on recent techniques our friends and partners Orange Lamp.

The Solgeo team provided the technical demonstration of its instruments to our distributor Orangelamp Geophysical Exploration Co.,Ltd, Beijing, China. 

The days began with a seismic cross-hole demonstration on our test boreholes. With regard to the dynamic part, the sensors and their calibration were shown, as well as the control room of seismic stations located throughout Italy.   

Finally, our Senior geophysical Demis Milani simulated an ultrasonic tomography with All in One equipment and aTom software.

Thanks to our partner for visiting us. We will see them soon in China! 

The Sindone masterpiece finally reborn! And we are very proud this success is also thanks to us! In fact, Solgeo conducted many interventions in order to characterize the architectural elements of the Guarini Chapel in a non-invasive way and to establish which of them should be replaced. Once again ultrasonic tomography has proved to be a very valuable tool, not only in the civil and engineering fields, but also in the field of architectural restoration.

The following video traces the history of this important monument.

SolAres partecipated at Offshore Mediterranean Conference 2019, Ravenna. 

Visitors and collegues shared with us great impressions related to our latest technology updates on e-vpms®, the Eni's innovative technology for Pipeline Leak Detection and Integrity Monitoring. For further details on e-vpms®, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Follow us and be update on e-vpms® technology.

we hereby inform you that on April 6th, 2019, the "day of the week" (week-number) parameter of the GPS systems will be reset and the date returned by different GPS devices worldwide will go back 20 years, more precisely of 1024 weeks.

Some GPS devices connected to our Dymas24 series seismic recorders may incur this fact; probably the problem will affect all our GPS devices mounted and distributed on our systems before 2018; the GPS will continue to provide time synchronization but the date provided will restart from 22 August 1999.
Within a few days we will be releasing some updates regarding Dymas24 recorders for onboard resident software that will fix this bug.
Solgeo ensures that all the seismographs managed and reachable remotely will be updated in time and therefore we will not show this time lag: for all those not managed by Solgeo it is important that those who use products purchased before 2017 contact us to update the software as soon as available .
The new software will apply a "compensatory" date and the data flow will be updated.
For those who can not update the seismograph software, they can send the GPS antenna to the Solgeo headquarter and the technical staff will update the GPS firware, thus solving the bug. The shipping costs will be charged by the customer while the upgrade will be performed without additional costs.
To clarify any doubt or to be informed when the new software is released, you can send an email to the following address: indicating the word "GPS" in the subject.
We apologize for the inconvenience not due in any way to defects in our equipment but to incorrect assessments made in 1980 by those who had defined the data transmission protocol of GPS systems.

SolAres srl will be exhibitor at Offshore Mediterranean Conference, 27-28-29 March, Ravenna (IT).

SolAres, a joint venture between Solgeo S.r.l. and Aresys Srl, is the supplier of e-vpms®: Eni 's innovative technology for Pipeline Leak Detection and Pipeline Integrity Monitoring.
Already deployed worldwide on over 1400km of pipelines, the e-vpms® system is able to detect and precisely locate events as leaks and impacts occurring on the pipeline, with excellent reliability, precision and response time. 
We are pleased to inform you about the main features of the e-vpms® technology.

Come to visit us at Hall #2 Booth #N25!

SolAres is excited to be Silver Sponsor at the 14th annual Pipeline Technology Conference 18-21 March 2019, Berlin, Germany.SolAres is the supplier of e-vpms®: Eni's innovative technology for Pipeline Leak Detection and Pipeline Integrity Monitoring.Already deployed worldwide on over 1400km of pipelines, the e-vpms® system is able to detect and precisely locate events as leaks and impacts occurring on the pipeline, with excellent reliability, precision and response time. 

SolAres, booth 49. 

Tomographic investigation by Solgeo at Gerosa dam (Ascoli Piceno). Thanks to our collaborator Sonzogni Franco and the entire teamwork Solgeo.

Solgeo s.r.l. completed the cross-hole and downhole tests in Warsaw city center for Geoteko. The scope of the tests included boreholes drilling with sampling, cross-hole and downhole tests, CPT tests and advanced laboratory triaxial tests. 

 Thanks to our colleagues Geoteko!

SolAres participated at ADIPEC - Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference.

SolAres, the joint venture between Solgeo and Aresys Srl, is the licensee of Eni’s technology e-vpms which provide leak detention monitoring system for pipeline. Great meetings and feedbacks were continuously coming.


Solgeo sponsored Turin CGT 2018, the event concerning geotechnical analysis and design in seismic area! 

 It was a pleasure be right behind such prominent Professors. 

 Thanks to CGT and all the audience!

Solgeo works for The Rocca in Bergamo, Città Alta. 

‘La Rocca’ is a fortress dating back to the 14th century, still traces the military function of the century. It’s now the time to be detected by Solgeo instruments!

The meeting with Jose Luís Fortes Revilla from Orbis Terrarum, was successfully concluded! 

In that occasion, Solgeo started a new negotiation with Orbis Terrarum as retailer of our geophysical devices in Madrid. 

Thanks again to our new partner for coming at Solgeo! 

News from 'ILTech', the Solgeo's retailer in Vietnam! 

On 14th Sept 2018, 'ILTech' organized a seminar at 'Mien Tay University of Construction' (MTU). The Solgeo's devices were presented to the university and prospect customers in South West of Vietnam as the advanced testing, inspection and monitoring equipments and solutions.

Looking forward to reach even more the Southeast! 
Thanks again to ILTech!

The installation and upgrade of the 15 stations of Eni microsismic-network in Val d'Agri, was successfully accomplished. 

We received a positive feedback from Eni for the assistance work provided in these months, "[..] with uncommon commitment, willingness and propositiveness", has specified the manager. 

We also want to add our thanks to the workers who have accomplished the installation, with professionalism and determination which characterized their work. 

It was a pleasure participate at GeoFluid international event for Drilling and Foundations. From 3 to 6 October 2018 our devices were exhibited at Piacenza Expo, by the side of our country reseller Boviar! 

Stay turn to the next! 

Solgeo will soon be participating in the annual near surface geoscience event which will take place this time in Porto. we are waiting for you!

Great turnout registered at the recent EAGE event held in Amaty, Kazakhstan, where obviously we were there too! We also take this opportunity to thank again our friends & partners of Geodevice with whom we shared the booth. We will return the favor to the next Porto event! Stay tuned.

Solgeo, as SolAres Joint Venture with Aresys, attended the 13th Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin.
We presented our brand new vibroacoustic system for pipeline monitoring at booth #49 at the ESTREL Conference center in Berlin, from March 12th to 14th!

The Solgeo geophysics team recently achived a complex geophysical prospection project in Algeria aimed to the seismic-stratigraphic reconstruction of a section of motorway tunnel affected by a collapse that caused the collapse of a large portion of the calotte itself. The investigation plan included GPR survey, seismics reflection, tomographies between the tunnel pipes, cross-hole & down-hole measurements)

Solgeo hosted Geodevice's delegation in the past few days. Between the two companies, both renowned in the manufacturing of geophysical equipment, has been signed an initial agreement towards the establishment of a solid partnership aimed at offering a complete spectrum both in terms of the near surface geophysical services and a reliable&qualitatively superior instruments compared with competitors

Following the verifications carried out, Solgeo was included in the Suppliers Total E & P Italia S.p.A. for the category of "measuring instruments, displacement, noise, speed, torque (including seismic stations).

Our family is growing! ILTECH ltd will now run the promotion&sale of Solgeo products in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. The dynamism and proactivity of this young company has convinced us to grant the certified award of "Official Solgeo Dealer". ...And even in the early months, Iltech's team managed to place some devices  for piles control. Our goal is thus to rise our equipment as standard in those countries, always aiming at the superior quality of our products! Cheers folk!

We are pleased to announce the success of the training with Sixense Geophysics , which has recently purchased a complete Seismic Cross-Hole Set manufactured by Solgeo ( All the geophysicists involved in the tests were very pleased with both its ease of use and the excellent quality of the signals obtained at the field test site at the Nivolais Vermelle headquarter .

Another Indian success recently achieved by Solgeo. A special thanks to our country partner: Parsan. Especially to Dr Sanjay Rana, Ashutosh Kaushik and their team who admirably supported us. We accomplished tomographyc velocity scanning project across Sholyar Dam (Kerala department) despite the concomitance of the monsoon season which made everything more challenging!

A new challenge for Solgeo: after the implementation, now the management of the microsismic monitoring network at Cellino Attanasio for Edison Storage. Solgeo increases its expertise in the field by acquiring other specific expertise to provide seismic "ready to use" monitoring facilities. From designing the network, to supplying internally developed equipment, to civil works, to installation, maintenance, and now data management with report processing and production according to the "Guidelines" of the Mass.

Solgeo is pleased to announce a new partnership in Iran: Khak Energy Pars is indeed officially its new supplier based in Tehran.
Again we take the opportunity to thank Majid, Sina and all the rest of the team for the warm welcome with the hope of an exciting 2017!

Solgeo is pleased to announce its participation in the 21th GEOFLUID of Piacenza: the most important and established event specialized in the sectors of drilling and underground work.

So come and visit us at our stand (Hall 1, lane A, booth 100), to see and touch the latest products in our vast catalog, thanks to the professional support of our Boviar and trusted official resellers.

Also this year a heartfelt thanks to both old friends and new ones who came to visit as always colorful and clutter Solgeo's booth! Our equipment has been extremely successful and have made interesting meetings. A greeting to all of you and thus hope to see each other again next year!

It has recently been completed the new exterior walls of Solgeo offices whose colors this time obviously recall those of our corporate logo.

Construction of a seismic monitoring network and the natural seismic and micro seismic monitoring induced by the  methane gas storage called Cellino Storage Sila in the province of Teramo

Solgeo is pleased to announce its round of meetings in Turkey. Supported by its recently acquired new official dealer (ArtGeo Teknik), for a whole week meetings have been held with some of the most important civil engineering companies of the country (based in Ankara and Istanbul) and with Seismology and geodesy Boğaziçi University which heads all of the Turkish seismic monitoring network. Special thanks therefore to all those who have welcomed us and hosted in their offices and obviously to our agent Burak Gurel!

Solgeo enriches its catalog with a new NDT system, able to detect the "breakthrough" of floor slabs: that is the separation and the subsequent fall of the lower part of the ceiling or the plaster. A rapid method, safely and efficiently in order to test the status of these elements!


Solgeo has recently taken part at international exhibition of Dubai ARABLAB 2016. The Largest Annual Trade Show in the World for Laboratory Science & Instrumentation, favorable opportunity to meet with retailers for the whole area of the Middle East

Soon Solgeo, and in particular Dr. Demis Milani, will participate as speaker at the Master in Geotechnical Design sponsored by the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza."

Solgeo is constantly seeking new agents to promote abroad his huge catalogue of equipment (aimed to to dynamic monitoring and geophysical services). For more info write at:

Also this year we are at the end of the international meeting of near-surface geophysics, held in Turin, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first edition held here.

This year Solgeo's stand has focused on tcross-hole equipment ever more optimized and performing, as well as on the supply of a wide range of sensors and data loggers for the dynamic monitoring networks at different scales.

We thank all the potential customers and not, colleagues, professors and researchers who have come to greet us in these three days of conferences and exhibition. Finally, special thanks to EAGE staff for the organization and to Polytechnic of Turin for sponsoring this event.

Greetings to all of you and a Goodbye to the next year in Spain:... Hasta Barcelona entonces!

Solgeo also this year take part to the international meeting of near-surface geophysics, to be held in Turin on 7-9 September.

You will find us at stand 29 with our cross-hole equipment and the last born in the house as acquisition Units and sensors.

Our technicians will be happy to answer all your questions!

Solgeo partecipa alla 20esima mostra internazionale Geofluid insieme al suo partner commerciale Boviar Saremo allo stand 100 Padiglione 1

Dal 24 al 25 giugno si è tenuto a Chennai il primo seminario riguardante le indagini geotecniche e test non distruttivi su dighe e strutture in calcestruzzo. Solgeo (nella persona di Stefano Priano) ha illustrato le sue tecniche all'avanguardia riguardanti le tomografie soniche su dighe e il suo vasto database collezionato nel corso degli anni. PArticolare interesse hanno riscontrato gli ultimi due lavori svolti presso la diga di Tungabadhra e Cochin.

Within the Interpacific Project, aimed to the comparison of results obtained by 3 different teams (Fugro, Geovision and Solgeo) as requested by EDF France, the cross-hole tests results obtained by Solgeo were showed and discussed in the summit on friday 23rd. Large approval by the members for the results presented.

A dicembre 2013 è stata condotta una campagna di geofisica svolta per conto del i Dipartimento d'irrigazione de lgoverno del Kerala presso la diga di Chimoni, India. Questo progetto ha avuto lo scopo di definire la struttura della diga mediante il calcolo della velocità delle onde di compressione (onde P) e quindi la presenza di possibili anomalie lungo le sezioni indagate. In particolare sono state eseguite sezioni tomografiche trasversali lungo lo sbarramento coprendo in modo omogeneo tutto lo sviluppo diga ed una sezione longitudinale tra la cresta della diga e la galleria presente nel corpo diga.